January 30, 2011

Are you a wise girl?

TI heard this in a song and I thought it was brillant! It reminded me of something that might be part of CHANEL lipstick advertisement or something, hahah! I'm a bit of a nutcase, I know. Sorry for the lack of proper posts. I've been really 'out of it ' this week; If you've read the latest post on my personal blog you might have an idea of what's going on ...
TYesterday I had a very BUSY day; I worked for 8 hours and then went out to a fabulous dinner at an Arab restaurant with family. I wanted to document my outfit for the night, but I hardly had time between coming home from work and getting ready and afterwards I was super tired and didn't have the energy to whip out the camera and pose. Sorry! Maybe, I will post the outfit another day this week. Today's been pretty blah. Just dealing with some nuisances at home + it is freezing outside so I was very tempted to just veg in my pj's and not leave the house. Does anyone else have those days? I've been snacking on junk pretty much the whole day, and organizing my room at the same time with music blasting in the background ... I can't seem to get myself to do any school work. I don't know what it is about the weekend, but I NEVER do school work on Fridays and weekends, I just can't get myself too, super weird! I'm off from school on Mondays, so that's technically my course work day ... I'm aiming to do some tomorrow (fingers crossed). More later.


  1. I never did any school work on the weekends either!
    Don't be so hard on yourself!

  2. @Lucky: Glad I'm not the only one! ;)

  3. aaahhh being in my PJ's with a hot cup of tea is something I LOVE!

  4. @soso: Isn't it just wonderful?! I love being all cozy and warm in my pj's!

  5. It's a very interesting line...but, sadly I don't think I'll qualify as a wise girl :P
    and, don't worry about the school work, it's a natural reaction, we can't help it!

  6. @LiveLoveDressup: Ahah! Neither do I! I am a very unwise girl! School work can be so overwhelming sometimes!


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