January 3, 2011

Let's Go Wild!

Hi Lovelies!  I purchased a few items from Suzy Shier and Sirens today and wanted to share them with you all! I realised a little while later that they were mostly all animal-inspired pieces, what a coincidence! I love anything leopard/leopard print and I was so excited to find these wild cat inspired pieces! Please excuse my ghetto way of taking photos! I do what I can to get good quality, alright? Sorry, that was quite picture heavy wasn't it?!

Surprisingly, I wasn't in the shopping mood today..honestly, I only went out for a change of setting and some fresh air. But, I couldn't resist these wild pieces! I have been looking for big "statement" studs for a while now, and just haven't found a pair that I really liked...untill I saw these! I have also been looking for a Leopard necklace...if that makes any sense and I found one! This necklace was also available in gold, but since I have so many gold necklaces I decided to go with silver! The ring was a piece that I was immediately drawn to, and I have started a bit of a ring collection and thought that this would be the perfect addition! + it's animal themed how could I resist?! The Leopard top randomly caught my eye as I was walking through the shop, and I knew I HAD to have it. There was no way I was leaving with out it. Let me tell you that I had the perfect outfit in mind when I saw it! HMM...maybe I shall do an OOTD with this top? Hope you enjoyed this post! Toodles.

Silver Studs / Sirens 
Mixed Charm Necklace / Sirens
Tiger Ring / Sirens
Leopard Print Tshirt / Suzy Shier


  1. Love ur finger ring! I love leopard prints - they combine drama with elegance.

  2. Thank you for stopping by. Well said! I feel the same way about leopard prints! xx.

  3. @ClassyandFabulous: Thanks for stopping by! I know! Animal inspired pieces are my fave ;) xx.

  4. I love the ring and t-shirt

    Leïla B

  5. @ChanelAfterCoco: Thanks bella!


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