January 24, 2011

Scrabble anyone?

Hiya! Just wanted to share my coolest purchase yet with you girlies; it's my Scrabble bracelet! How awesome is that! Many of you have probably heard of it or have played it yourselves. For those who don't know what Scrabble is, it's a board game in which players use individual letter tiles to create words and score points (hope that made some sense). I absolutely LOVE unique jewelry such as one-of-a-kind and personalized items; this bracelet is the best of both worlds! They are created using Scrabble tiles on a toggle charm bracelet.  I was lucky enough to have one created (with the letters of my name) by the lovely Victoria India from VIPXO. She also creates Scrabble rings , and has recently started with necklaces. See her Scrabble Jewellry page here. She is such a lovely person and was amazing to communicate with (not to mention fast as well)! & even though i'm not a big bracelet person, I love this one! It's so unique and personal to me; and this is the first time I've come across something this funky and original! Maybe I'll get a necklace next?!? or a ring?!? Hmm ....  

BIG thank you to Victoria India for the awesome bracelet!


  1. That bracelet is lovely! Really unique!
    I want a L ring :)

  2. Go for it! I am thinking of getting an S ring as well. ;)

  3. nice! its very different but looks good :)

  4. wow something new I came across. lovely bracelet :)

  5. Love it, I need one in my life saying Pea I think! Haha xx

  6. @kirstyb : isn't it? Thanks for stopping by! xx.


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