January 19, 2011

Best Dressed: Golden Globe Awards 2011

Although I didn't get a chance to watch the Golden Globes this year, I did take a peak at the stunning outfits. Here I have chosen my absolute favourite, Angelina Jolie. Aside from the fact that I am a fan; I can honestly say that this is Angelina's best look by far! She looked so stunning in her sparkling emerald green gown by Versace. I love the cut of the dress and the fit is absolutely perfect! The cinched waist hits Jolie perfectly and gives the gown the perfect feminine touch. What I love about the dress is the simplicity. This just goes to show that awkward shapes and designs are not always necessary to make a statement; simplicity is what it's all about!
What was your fave Golden Globes outfit? 



  1. i loved jolie's dress. the green looks stunning on her!

  2. She was hands down my favourite of the night! However, there were other honorable mentions;)

  3. she looks amazing in that color! I'm borderline obsessed with angelina so I may be a little biased but she was my best dressed too!

  4. She really does! Agreed! Thanks for taking the time to comment. xx.


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