February 5, 2011

Pretty things & tons of words.


01. I currently have Otherwise Engaged by O.P.I (part of the Fairytale Bride Collection) on my nails. It's a gorgeous pale pink shade with a bit of a sheen to it. Darker shades are more my type and I've been wearing them quite a bit lately; my favourites are: O.P.I's Light My Sapphire and Siberian Nights. The snap does not accurately capture the color, it seems to look like a peachy-cream but it really has a pink tone to it. If you would like to see a more accurate match, you can do so here . This shade seems more work appropriate since I work in a medical office setting; dark shades (which are my fave!) and glitter are not very office appropriate.  Also worth mentioning is the black stoned silver ring that I got for a bargain ($2.50) at Suzy Shier! It's big, chunky and a great statement piece to any outfit!

02. NYLON magazine has featured Mila Kunis (she is so gorgeous!) in the January 2011 issue. (Sorry, I'm late with posting this, I picked this up late Jan). I'm not as avid of a reader of NYLON as I am Teen Vogue or Vogue India. However, I do pick it up once in a while, or if I am particularly interested in who is featured in the issue.

03. I love filling up my vanity with fragrances, and when ever I can, I try to get a new scent. There are just SO many to choose from but Gucci Guilty is my new favourite scent! When I first saw the seductive advertisements for the fragrance, I wasn't sure about it. However, that changed when I began to see those advertisements time and time again (talk about effective advertising!). One fine day I decided that: I WANT GUCCI GUILTY! & HAD to have it! I had a hard time finding it and almost gave up looking ... I finally purchased it on my trip to the UK a few months back! Oh how I LOVE the UK! ♥
You can see the a range of magazines and books in the background of the photo; if you can't tell already, I love to read! You might have caught the FASHION 18 magazine from Fall 2005! I am quite the magazine hoarder, I keep older issues for rainy days. It's fun to look back at fashion from years ago and compare it to todays trends. Plus, there are some great articles and photos published that I like to keep on hand. You never know when you'll need some inspiration!

04. The silver studded bow head band from Costa Blanca was a steal ($3.11)! (Look at me go! I found tons of bargains this month!). I thought it was such an adorable hair piece and I can't wait to wear it out. I've always loved head bands ever since I was a young girl, (I had more headbands and hair accessories then I did clothes ahah!) instead of jewellry, hair accessories can become your statement piece. What I'm looking for next? A BIG bow hair clip! I love pairing a feminine hair accessory with an otherwise casual or masculine look; I think it looks super cute!

05. I got some goodies from Qatar (neighbouring Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, U.A.E, Iran & Iraq) from the BF (Thank you, Soh!) when he stopped over. The first snap is of what we would consider a compact mirror. If you look closely at the detail, there are camels engraved along the perimeter of mirrors. I love the finish; it seems to have a rustic/ vintage gold feel to it and it is quite heavy to hold and rather way too delicate to carry around, in my opinion, but it's a gorgeous trinket nonetheless!

06. Another souvenir from Qatar is the gold Camel with intricate detailing. (I apologize for the shobby photography, my camera didn't cooperate with me!). Did I mention that the "hump" opens?!?! Such a cute little idea for keeping bits and bobs such as little stud earrings well hidden! Also pictured is a cloth cell phone pouch from India. It is super cute and well made (I must say), it also has a shoulder strap but I don't think I'll use it ... I love souvenirs from other countries, I think it's a great way to represent memories. I always try and take something back with me from a country I've visited as a keepsake.

07. Belt from Costa Blanca and you've probably guessed it ... Yup! Another bargain ($4.99)! My camera didn't seem to pick up the gold on the buckle, it's showing silver instead. I also purchased this same belt in black and gold and it was the perfect accessory over a black top, I used it to cinch my waist. The peacock feathers (in the background) is actually a fan I got from India in summer of 2010. I LOVE anything peacock and I just had to have it!

08. These gold studs were another steal from Suzy Shier. I had seen these before, and couldn't justify buying them at full price when I already have SO much jewellry. I popped into the mall yesterday with a friend and there they were on sale ($2.50)! Very intricate faux gold studs with emerald green, sapphire blue and amethyst purple rhinestones (not real obviously), and the snaps do them no justice. I figured I could wear them to dress up an outfit for say, a night out or even wear them with cultural clothing. Indian suits are always full of colour, I'm positive I'd be able to match it with something I already have in my wardrobe!

09. That's it for the goodies. Any plans for V-day yet? No plans for me since BF is 500090878 miles away. I will be either working or doing some school work or lounging about in my comfies! One thing I love about Valentines Day is the variety chocolate and sweets that are available! YUM. However, I do think Valentines Day is a bit overrated, (I'm not hating) but I just think that we don't need a day to remind us to love one another; you should be doing that all the time, all day, everyday!

010. Sorry for the lack of PROPER posts, I seem to be slackking on life ... Hopefully I'll get back into it soon. I'm slowly making adjustments to the layout etc. of the blog, I like to change things up every once in a while.

011. Hello and welcome to all the new friends who have joined! xx.


  1. nice pichtas..
    hey could u increase d text size a bit..its so diff to read..

  2. Yeah, I completely agree with you that Valentine's Day is a bit overrated.. Then again, I don't have plans this year! The boyfriend and I won't be able to spend the day together, and I believe I have TWO exams that day. Yuck!

    That nail polish looks gorgeous :)

  3. @Susalie: I guess that makes 2 of us! Good luck with exams! Thanks love! xx

  4. i love the headband! so bling!

  5. @Reina: I love it too! Your right, it is quite "blingy".

  6. Beautiful stuff. I have wanted OPI nailpolishes for a while now, I should just go out and get some!

  7. @Magali: Thanks! You need to go get yourself some O.P.I polishes! You are missing out on some great shades, and if you do, let me know which ones you get! ;)

  8. @ClassyandFabulous: It's one of the cutest souvenirs I have!

  9. I WANT a new article :D
    Leïla B

  10. This is the first time I visited your blog, and I think it;s beautiful! I love the stuff you have on it.

    Hope you visit my blog sometime.


  11. @MissChiquita: Thanks for stopping by! You are such a doll! x

  12. Thank you for becoming my first followe :D It made me smile and made my dad hehe.
    I decided to follow both of your blogs. they aer both awsome!

    MissChiquita xx

  13. @MissChiquita: Glad I made you smile! Thanks for the follow, I really appreciate it! xx

  14. Assalamualeikum sis, thanks for sharing your lovely photos :-) I like the camel ornament, it's cute :-) Hope you'll follow back :-)
    Hugs from Denmark


    -The Creative Muslimah @ www.thecreativemuslimah.blogspot.com

  15. Wassalam lovely, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. The camel ornament is one of my faves as well! I've followed your lovely blog too. xx


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