January 7, 2011

Random purchases of the day 07/01/11

Top to Bottom: Wristlet, Coin Pouch, Compact Mirror

Compact Mirror

Barts Earmuffs (please excuse the slobby sweatshirt!)


I went car shopping today, but no avail. However, I didn't come back empty handed! I purchased some cute finds! The earmuffs are by far my favourite! I am not a hat person; they just don't look good on me (must be my big head!). These 'muffs are so soft and keep my ears warm, I love them! The D'lish set was a steal! I got 3 essential pieces for a fair price. I've been looking for a wristlet big enough to keep my phone + keys + essentials and this one is the perfect size. Also the coin pouch also has a built in key ring that I can attach my keys to without fear of loosing them! It's also a great size, perfect for storing credit cards and change! The compact is so cute; with a double mirror, I can't wait to stash it in my bag! It's perfect to use for touch-ups and making sure there is no spinach stuck between your teeth! (LOL).  Along with that, I purchased other random items (not shown) an Adidas Eau De Toilette set, 2 boxes of my favourite chocolates (to share with the family of course!) and 2 pairs of purple gloves for those cold cold days! Happy Friday everyone!

Barts Ear Muffs / $ 19.99 @ Winners
D'lish Wristlet Wallet, Coin Pouch, Compact Set / $23.00 @ Winners


  1. earmuffss, theyre sooo cool, ive always wanted to try wearing one but feel itd look weird over ma hijab


  2. I know I love my new earmuffs. So cute and so warm! Try wearing them over your hijab, you might find that they look perfectly fine! Thanks for taking the time to comment, xx.


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