January 2, 2011

Never Again.

Hi Lovelies! Just a short post for today(I had such a busy day, and this is the first time at 1:30 am, that I have a chance to be online!), I want to know what your absolute WORST beauty related purchase EVER was and why! Tell me about a product(s) that you would never purchase again, be it a mascara or make up remover, I WANT TO KNOW!  If you hate it, tell me why and if you have mixed feelings, also tell me why.

This is a toughie, I know! There are so many products I have vowed to never buy again. One of those being the Fredderic Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner. I ranted about that product here.  Another would have to be Maybelline mascara's period. All of them, in my opinion, are complete BS(excuse my language). I have never had a good experience with Maybelline mascara's...and they say "maybe its her, maybe its Maybelline" ... your right, maybe it is Maybelline's problem, not mine. LOL. (I have nothing against the company just some of they're products!)

Leave a comment below or create a blog post and link me back, I would love to hear what your worst's were. I tag you all! So, what was your NEVER AGAIN purchase(s)?

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