June 27, 2011

Kardashian Konfidential

I don't know about you gals but I am a "fan" of the Kardashian clan; I don't obsess over them or anything but I enjoy watching their reality shows and even more, I enjoy their effortless style! I picked up Kardashian Konfidential on a whim while at my local bookstore looking for easy reads and I've been meaning to pick this up for a looooooooooong time!

I actually quite liked the book; however, it was a more of their personal lives and daily happenings. There was quite a bit on their style and fashion secrets, I hope they could devote an entire book to that! I guess I had expected it to be a little different, maybe a little more like Style by Lauren Conrad , but I still enjoyed it! I loved how they shared childhood memories, photos and secrets! Although I feel that some of the things shared were a bit too personal, but hey!

One thing that I found interesting was how much I learned about myself after reading this book...as weird as it sounds I realized somethings about myself that I've never thought about before.

It's an easy fun read, or great if you would like to get to know the Kardashian family! Have you/ would you read Kardashian Konfidential?

June 23, 2011

One Lovely Blogger Award from Jahn 'n Style

I recieved this:

from the stylish lady herself (Thank you girly!) over at Jahn 'n Style a few days ago, so here it is! This is the second blog award I've ever been awarded, the first was on my other blog here.

> link back to the person who passed you the award
> share seven random things about yourself
> award 15 blogs
> drop them a note and tell them about it

Here are the 7 absolutely random things about me:
  1. None of my close friends know that I blog.
  2. I hate math with a passion.
  3. I am currently listening to Chipmunk Feat. Chris Brown - Champion .
  4. I have an unhealthy shopping addiction.
  5. My favourite colour is Teal.
  6. I've been working at my current job for 4 years.
  7. I am not an outdoors person (no hiking,rock climbing or fishing for me!).
Well there you have it! That's me! If you'd like an introduction please see this post; that post and this post will give you a general idea of the deets on myself!

The 15 lovelies I'd like to pass this award to:
♥ Laiqah
♥ Susalie
♥ Magali
♥ Meg
♥ Soso
♥ Anju
♥ Komal
♥ Nasrin
♥ Saba
♥ Mehak
♥ Aarti
♥ Ritu
♥ Sarah
♥ Malisha

Thank you again Jahn 'n Style for the award, much appreciated!
* More post coming soon so please stay tuned! xo

June 11, 2011


> I actually planned out an outfit post and I completely forgot to photograph the outfit! Thus these photos are from the end of the day. GRRR. Silly me, I remembered when it was too late! Anyhow! This is what I wore out with my bestie for coffee yesterday... I can't believe I'm wearing a Cardi in JUNE?!?! It's a bit chilly down my side so the Cardigan did me some good! I wore a pretty simple outfit, I wanted to look and feel "effortless and comfortable" (if that's possible!?!) and I think I pretty much achieved it (& managed to look a little chubby too!) ... I wore a shoulder bag with this outfit but I didn't photograph it. My makeup was pretty simple as well, black liner, mascara and lip balm (not shown) and since I had taken these photos at the end of my day my makeup seemed to have disappeared! So no snaps of that! I realize I'm not very good with outfit posts...I will try to do better next time! Promise! xo  

Cardigan: H&M
Top: Walmart
Jeggings: Forever21
Sandals: Forever21

June 10, 2011


The ever so lovely Meg requested I do swatches for the lipsticks feature in this post; and so here it is! They are all beautiful shades and I usually have a hard time deciding which one I want to wear... I hope you enjoy this post. I haven't worn all of them out yet so I can't say much about the wear of each, when I do get to wear them out over a long period of time, I'll post about it :) Let me know if you need an clearification. Incase you are interested in any of these, please see the details of each lipstick below. xo

  • NYX - India Pink
  • REVLON - (Pearl) Rose & Shine 619
  • M.A.C - Fanfare (CREMESHEEN)
  • M.A.C - Angel (FROST)
  • M.A.C - Hug Me (LUSTRE)

June 5, 2011


The weather was so gorgeous that I decided to photograph my goodies outdoors! The lighting was absolutely perfect, but let me tell you that the photos do the items no justice! Here is a haul of some sorts, these items were purchased over a period of time and I understand this post is LONG overdue (I apologize) and I haven't blogged in approximately 1-2 weeks! Eeeek! To make up for it I have this nice lengthy haul for your enjoyment! I'm listening to this and this as I write! xo
One of my favourite things about summer is the fact that we get to wear gorgeous things on our feet! In fact I purchased these lovelies for a steal at Forever 21! The first pair are a gorgeous pair of grey sandals perfect to be paired with a summer dress! I wear these with everything! The second are canvas slip on shoes that have (atleast in my opinion) a slight boyfriend feel. I am that jeans and t-shirt kinda-girl and these are perfect with a plan white tee and some jeans. They make the outfit look effortless and comfortable!

Although I've had my room painted for almost a year now, I haven't finished decorating yet...I found these beauties at my local home and garden store (where little brother works, btw - that's how I got the discount!) aren't they gorgeous?!? I love them! They compliment my room wonderfully. I plan to hang these up above my bead on the main wall, I think they'll look perfect! Maybe I show you all the finished product? *wink*
I love headbands! I have been wearing them before I could even walk! These satin-bowed beauties came as a set for a bargain at Forever 21. I was browsing the website for summer clothing and I couldn't resist! Plus, I feel like a girl can't have too many head bands; there are so many styles and colors to choose from and you can match them with any outfit!
Another Forever 21 purchase! I know what you are thinking: I'm Forever 21 crazy! I thought this was TOO CUTE to pass up as well! I was looking for something to hang up my necklaces on since I hate when they get tangled in my drawer and I found this stand! This photo does absolutely no justice! This necklace stand is a vintage inspired piece that I love! It definitely adds character to my dresser!
Lipstick lovers rejoice! If you remember from this post how desperately I was looking for a new lippie. I recieved so many comments and suggestions from all of you lovely readers that I had a hard time choosing! Some lovely ladies suggested I try lower ended brands before I try higher ended brands and I decided to purchase a mix of both! I may do swatches in another post if anyone is interested.
1. NYX - Indian Pink
2. REVLON - (Pearl) Rose & Shine
3. MAC - (Frost) Angel
4. MAC - (Cremesheen) Fanfare
5. MAC - (Lustre) Hug Me
There is an interesting story about this Tunic, it's from Pakistan! I bought this off of a co-worker of mine who came back from Pakistan..this photo does this top no justice, I promise you! The material is amazing for summer... so light and airly! I love tunics in the summer time; they make you look and feel effortless and stylish! I am thinking of pairing it with a thin camel brown belt for an added touch.  Any suggestions on how to style this? I would appreciate any suggestions!
+ Last but not least, this camel shoulder bag was purchased from GLOBO shoes for a steal! They had the same bag in black which i'm usually drawn to first, but it looked much better in this shade. I took this to Nova Scotia with me and it was a dream to carry, I fit tons of things in it! I'd like your opinion on how YOU would style this bag with an outfit. Leave me a comment if you have any ideas!

On another note: I've been debating over whether or not I should do outfit posts. Quite a few bloggers do them but because of some personal issues I end up backing out. Maybe sometime in the near future? Also, I'd love your input if you have any ideas for this blog; things you would like to see more and less of..let me know!

Much love ♥
- saf.
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