January 11, 2011


I felt like doing an OOTD for you girls, so I did and here it is. Besides the fact that today was my first day of my 2nd semester (of my 2nd year) at College it was a pretty chill day. I don't dress up for school, I think it's a little unnecessary to get all dolled up for only a few hours and to LEARN and get an EDU-MA-CATION. But that's just my opinion....
Anyways. Here is todays outfit: pretty simple, laid back, a little preppy (if you want to call it that) and comfortable! I am all about comfort when it comes to choosing what I wear for school. Details are below, I was wearing black leather boots by Blowfish, however they were wet from the snow outside and water + carpet = bad combination. I apologize for the amateur photography, I know I suck, LOL! Hope you enjoyed my first OOTD, let me know if you would like to see more.

Blue & Grey Striped Top / Forever 21
Blue Darkwash Jeans / Forever 21
White Camisole / Sirens
Red Heart Necklace / Accessorize
Gold Heart Earrings / Own
Hair - Straightened, pinned back
Makeup - Black eyeliner lightly done, lip balm
Nails / OPI - Light my Sapphire


  1. I got the saame exact earing :d
    Nice outfit!

  2. @Meryem: Do you really? Aren't they so cute?! Thanks!


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