January 19, 2011

Jan 19/ Want.


A girl can dream, right? I am in the need of a new handbag in black specifically, and started my search at Coach. I didn't see any that I was drawn too and decided to have a browse around the site, where I came across the jewelry. I am quite the jewelry fanatic (funny considering how I haven't showcased my love for jewelry here on my blog very often. Hmm... that has to change.) and necklaces are my favourite item of jewelry. I saw this Coach necklace and thought to myself: IWantIt!IGottaHaveIt!IWantIt!IGottaHaveIt! I love how cute and simple this design is, the website has quite a few designs but the simplicity of this one really caught my eye. Now lets be realistic here; a broke college student purchasing a piece of jewelry for 128 bucks? Has anyone considered that she hasn't even bought textbooks yet!?!? Not sure that this is a good buy at the moment, maybe when I win the lottery?!?! All jokes aside, I simply adore this necklace. Coach has really stepped up their game when it comes to the jewelry, I am seriously thinking about making a purchase sometime soon. Although I didn't find a handbag, they're jewelry is quite tempting... who knows, maybe they're leatherware will be come less of a fad and everyone will be going for the jewelry! I imagine that the quality will be amazing!  Keeping my fingers crossed that these stay for a while, I can't get wait to get my hands on one! 

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