November 29, 2010

Pink 4 Friday

Bright-Barbie-Pink Lipstick fanatics rejoice!

Nicki Minaj has her own M.A.C Lipstick.


I like Nicki Minaj, it's nothing against her I just don't feel the need for a Bright-Pink-Barbie Lipstick with her name on it. I feel like M.A.C already has Lipsticks of the same shade...but anyway just because I am not interested doesn't mean no one else is!

The Lipstick is a Limited Edition item, personally designed by the audacious Miss Minaj herself, in celebration of her new album Pink Friday. According to M.A.C, Nicki's Lipstick is only available for 4 days from the date of November 26th, and is currently sold out on the M.A.C website .


Before Minaj, Lady Gaga has her own M.A.C Lipstick as well, (in a similar shade might I add), and I can only hope that M.A.C would choose other inspiring women for their promotions in the future..

Final Thoughts:

In my opinion, no.
Did I purchase it?

Would I purchase it?

Did you purchase the Pink Friday Lipstick by Nick Minaj for M.A.C this past weekend?
If not, why didn't you?

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