November 18, 2010

All time drugstore favourites - Annabelle Liquid Eyeliner

This is hands down my favourite drugstore eyeliner of all time!

Annabelle Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
0.08 FL oz / 2.5 mL
Retail price: $7.96 (approx.)

I have purchased this product again and again. I use to be a pencil liner freak, and I didn't have a very steady hand with liquid. Then after much practice, I mastered the art of the liquid liner.

It comes off just as easy as it comes off, well, maybe too easy. I notice that it does start to come up in the inner corners of my eyes, but I usually apply a pencil liner or black eyeshadow in that area anyway. The consistency of this liner is quite thick, I have tried a few drugstore eyeliners that were quite thin in consistency and I hated those. I like the overall application of the liner and I get quite a few applications per pot. I can go a few months without buying another one with the applications. Annabelle's website claims that the liquid eyeliner gives you upto 830 applications, to see the description on the company website Click here .

This handy little felt wand is great for precision lining, it makes it easier to create winged liner looks. With practice you can become a winged liner pro too!

Whats your favourite drugstore eyeliner? Let me know!

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