November 12, 2010

Fragrance: Kim Kardashian

Guess what came in the post today?

Yes, that's right.. It's my Kim Kardashian perfume! I have been waiting for this package for a week now and I'm so excited to have finally recieved it! I am an avid Kim Kardashian fan and like everyone else, I think she is simply gorgeous! Anyhow, back to the review... I ordered the gift set fromLighthouse Beauty, visit their website here.

Kim Kardashian - The voluptuous new fragrance
Lighthouse Beauty describes the fragrance as: "A timeless scent inspired by the classic beauty and modern style that encompasses the icon herself. Experience glamour and luxury with..."

I purchased the:
[ Kim Kardashian 3pc Gift Set T-Shirt, 3.4 oz EDP Spray and Rollerball Fragrance ] for $65.00 US + shipping and I thought it was great value.

Just the perfume itself could be $65.00 but I really wanted to Rollerball Fragrance to keep in my purse or bag, and this gift set was just perfect!

The bottle is gorgeous; different then many of the other perfumes I own (I have over 10!) but just as elegant as Kim Kardashian herself.

The Fragrance
I read quite a few reviews on this fragrance before and after purchasing. I must say, I do feel as it is not what I expected from Kim Kardashian but I am still a fan. I guess I had different ideas in mind for what I thought the fragrance would smell like. The scent is quite floral, although right away I can't point out the exact ingredients, after reading the inspiration of her fragrance, the scent totally made sense!

Kim Kardashians inspiration for her fragrance on Lighthouse Beauty's webpage:

" A bouquet of Tuberose, Jasmine and Gardenia deliver and undeniably femininity that compliments Kim. Tonka bean, jacaranda wood and sandalwood adds a warn sensual feeling throughout, evoking the soft side of Kim"

Not that I was disappointed - but I do feel that it has a distinctive smell to it and it is more "grown up" then I would have imagined Kim Kardashian to smell like. LOL. I imagined the scent to be a cross between something Burberry and Chanel-ish (if that makes any sense) but aside from that I do really like it. I haven't worn it out yet, but I'm optimisstic that it will grow on me. Maybe its not my favourite fragrance but I'm still a fan!

Customer Service
The packaging was good, and nothing was damaged in shipping everything was intact. Also, I recieved confirmation emails at the time of purchase so I was aware of when the payement went through, and when the item was sent for shipping. Lighthouse Beauty was really good about keeping up with customer service.

Overall thoughts
If you are in doubt of whether you will like it or not, give it a try you can purchase a smaller size (price starts at $35) or even purchase the sample size at your local Sephora (if you have on in your area). I love the gift set feature, the only thing is the T-shirt was in a large size I wear a small/medium (maybe I can shrink it?), but other than that I love Kim Kardashians fragrance!

* I apologize for the horrible picture quality, I will invest in a new better quality camera soon! *

Gift Box

Individual Shots
3.4 OZ. Eau De Parfum Spray

Rollerbal Fragrance

Kim Kardashian Fragrance T-shirt

What's your favourite fragrance?
Hope you enjoyed this review!

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