November 7, 2010

How-to: make your nail polish last longer!

First of all, it is inevitable that your nail polish will chip, whether you like it or not. Let's be realistic here...we use our hands on a daily basis. How do you not expect your nail polish to chip?

These are some tips on how to keep your nail polish from chipping longer.

Typically, nail polish lasts approximately 1/2 weeks maximum (or less depending on the person) before it starts to chip of.

This is my nail polish routine, which also helps keep my polish from chipping and long lasting.

1) Wash my hands.

2) Clean my nails with nail polish remover, to remove and dust, dirt or the previously applied nail polish.

3) Apply a base coat. (Usually this is a clear varnish that helps you nail polish stick to your nails longer). I let that dry for a few minutes.

4) Apply nail polish as usual (2 coats should do the trick, some shades may require a 3rd coat).

5) Apply a top coat. This will help the nail polish from chipping as easily and help it stay on longer. Let that dry for a few minutes.

I conducted a mini-experiment on one hand using the top coat and the other hand without the top coat. I have to say, after less than a week the hand without the top coat has alot more chips on each finger than the hand with the top coat, which virtually had none. 

The products I use are from a nail set I got as a gift from a friend. However, you can find these products at your local beauty or drugstore. OPI and Sally Hansen have great nail products.

* Also: a review to come soon on the OPI Chip Skip (Nail Lacquer Chip Preventor) which claims to keep your nail polish from chipping. I have only used this product once, and I would like to have used it a couple of times to come up with a good review. So stay tuned! *

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Hope you enjoyed this post. If you try these tips let me know if it helped you.

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