November 26, 2010

My new toy!

Hey dolls,

If you follow my personal blog you might have noticed in this post here that I bought myself a new toy!

A man's toy is his home theatre system or even his car... and a woman's? Her hair styling tools! Haha!

I have quite a few heat styling tools lying around my house, but my most used has to be my Flat Iron since I love straightening my hair. I also like to curl it for special occasions, but I find that my regular clamp Curling Iron can be quite a hassle to use and was looking for something new and easier to use....

.. & so, a friend and I went to our local shopping mall for the Amika Deep Purple 13mm Tourmaline Curling Wand. There are 3 colors to choose from: Black , Hot Pink, and Deep Purple. I have purchased from Amika before, and I was pleased with their products and decided to go with the same brand again.

Along with Curling Wand , I recieved the Black Styler Heat Proof Mat and Travel Case, (normal retail value: $14.95) for free with my purchase!

Source: Amika
Just in time for the holidays! What better way to spice up your look then with a new hairstyle? All the same, this holiday season is pretty hectic for me, with dinners, a bridal shower, and 3 day-long weekend wedding!

If you have an Amika Kisok in your area, definately check them out! Although, the sales team can be quite pushy, so remember to stand your ground and be firm. However, I am overall pleased with their products and the service.

You can find the Amika Curling Wand here , along with the Black Heat Proof Mat/Travel case here.

Let me know if you decide to purchase from Amika, and what you're experience was like. If you have purchased from Amika before, let me know what you experience was like, as well.
I will upload a post on my Amika Curling Wand experience, once I get a chance to use it!

Visit the Amika website for more products!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday to all who celebrate!

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