December 20, 2010

What I'm wearing: Ski Teal We Drop

I decided that it was time for Light My Sapphire (O.P.I) to come off! (Don't worry I'll bring it out another day!) I was finally ready for something with more color, something brighter...

So I picked up Ski Teal We Drop by O.P.I and I'm loving it so far! I absolutely LOVE anything Teal, it has to be my favourite color.

Ski Teal We Drop is a beautiful blue-ish green-ish shade almost like a sea green but NOT completely...but I love it! I think it is still appropriate for winter since its not too bright.

Along side the usual (O.P.I Chip Skip & Base coat) I applied 2-3 coats of this + 1 coat of clear top coat and ... VOILA it looks gorgeous! :)

For some reason though, in my snaps, the shade came out WAY off! Have a look, but trust me this is NOT what it looks is much darker. The flash is too blame! Sorry, I couldn't get good lighting even from the window (it's so gloomy/cloudy outside!). The last photo will give you the best idea of what it's like, but trust me I'm not a light-blue-nail kinda gal.

Here is a sample swatch:

--> To see my post on the most recently purchased O.P.I nail lacquers click here!

& Your favourite O.P.I shade is___________?  (Let me know, below.)

Alright Girlies, time for me to head to work now. Hope you enjoyed this post!

More later! Mwahh.


  1. super cute color!!! and im Canadian too!! YAY! haha love your blog too way cute header!!

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by, fellow Canadian! Much appreciated! xx.


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