December 27, 2010

My Christmas weekend!

Since I don't celebrate Christmas, I cannot tell you what presents I got from Santa, what I wore or how we prepared for the day... However, I can tell you that my Christmas was great since I went to a wedding! Here are some snaps from the weekend , I also provided that eye looks I created for each day (Sorry for the quality on some of the photos). Enjoy!

Friday December 24th - Christmas Eve: Today was the Mehendi!

Saturday December 25th - Christmas Day: Today was the Wedding!

Sunday December 26th - Boxing Day: Today was the Reception!

Wow. It was a wedding weekend! We had an amazing time! Great food, fun and family! What more can you ask for?

I hope all of you who celebrate had a wonderful Christmas weekend; and all of you that don't celebrate I hope that your weekend was fun filled relaxing and enjoyable!

Tell me how your christmas weekend went, I would love to know!


Drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you! I do read and appreciate all comments. ♥

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