December 27, 2010

AVON HAUL: Swatches

This is for you Bhumika! (Hope this helped!)

Here are the swatches from my AVON HAUL posted on Christmas day. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, see it here.

The swatches might look slightly different from what they are in person, I apologize. It's the camera's fault!

I wanted to wear the colors on my face to show you, however, I am not feeling well today and didn't want to put a sickly picture up of myself! ahaha.

I haven't worn everything yet, but I have worn the glazewear sparkle lipgloss in rave and the healthy makeup lipstick in cocoa gleam this weekend, and they look GORGEOUS together! I did find that the metallic eyeliners were hard to swatch, you may need to go over an area more than once for the color to really show up.  


  1. hey thanks smaryam..i liked d lipgloss in rave..

  2. No problem! Rave is gorgeous! At first, I thought it is too pink but paired with a nude lipstick it looks great! :) I hope this helped you! xx.

  3. i too loved the haul btw :)

  4. Thank you Anshita! Rave is gorgeous! See if it is available in India ;) xx.


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