August 16, 2010

Review: Marc Anthony Style Straight

This would be my first product review!

Where: Can be found at your local drug or department store.

I decided to do a review on the 245 mL/8.3 fl.oz Style Straight (approximately $14.99) by Marc Anthony. It is an "instant straightening cream", that claimes to "smooth waves, and frizzy curls into shiny, straight styles". It also claims that it, "repels humidity and prevents heat damage".

For a while I was using L'Oreal Studio Line Heat-Activated Straightening Cream which retails for approximately $5.99 or so. I liked it at the time, however, I had a Conair straightener and it worked well with I have a more expensive Amika straightener, but I didn't feel that the L'oreal straightening cream worked well with it. It made my hair greasy and I just didn't like the over all feel of my hair afterwards.

Enough said about that... STYLE STRAIGHT claims to provide instant results, which I'm not sure I saw. I have thick medium/long blackish/brown hair and I'm not sure that this product really did anything for me. I've used approximately 3/4 of the product already (it was used more than once on different occasions), other than the scent (kind of fresh pepperminty), I can't really say that the product did anything for my hair.

As per the tube/bottle, you are suppose to apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and work it through damp hair from roots to ends. Then follow with a blow-dry using a flat paddle brush in sections, while gently stretching the hair to lock in smoothness. I followed the directions, however, I did not use a paddle brush since I did not have one..maybe that would have made a difference?!?! My hair was smooth the second day compared to the first... and it did give it a "bit" of shine. Also, the consistency is light not as heavy as gels or waxes. Do not use too much otherwise your hair will become greasy and heavy and gross.
If you are a pro at hairstyling then maybe this will work better for you ..

There is no reason why I particularily chose this product .. I simply walked into my local drugstore and walked up and down the aisles looking for a decent straightening product. I've heard lots about Marc Anthony and knowing that he was a salon professional I was even more inclined to purchase this product.

Overall, I would rate this product a 6.5 or 7 out of 10. My guess is, if you know how to use it and you use it properly it probably works (I am not a professional so .. yeah that could be the problem.. LOL).

I will probably continue to use this product along with another product for better results. Don't just take my word for it .. you might have better luck than me :)
Hope that helped!

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