July 4, 2010

First post!

Welcome! It is Sunday,July 4th 2010 and this is the first post of the day!

I bring forward this opinion blog to be a healthy way for me to express my thoughts, feelings, ideas and views on various topics and ideas.

Let's just get a few things straight:

1) All opinions and views expressed in this blog belong to me and are solely my own. I am in no way influenced by anyone else..these are my OWN words!

2) I do appreciate constructive criticism, I do not however appreciate foul/rude or offensive language. I understand that everyone may not necessarily agree with the things I have to say...I don't mind. If you have an opinion you would like to share, then by all means write a comment or send me a message (any offensive or distasteful comments will be removed).

3) I am only human, and I do not intentionally mean to be rude or offensive in anyway; if I am, however, I truly apologize.

Now that is taken care of, we can move on to the good stuff. No opinions today, just an introduction, more to come later(hopefully tomorrow)!

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