August 20, 2010

Online shopping

Dear World... I have a online shopping fetish!
I'm not just talking Ebay or Craigslist crazy... I'm talking any website that has something I like.

A majority of my shopping is done at online at FOREVER 21 and the likes. I love the idea of shopping in the comfort of my own home without the hassle of getting in a car and having to drive miles to my favourite store.

Online shopping definately has its ups and downs! -> The best thing about online shopping has to be the convinience. It's so easy to look around a website, choose what you want, purchase it and have it delivered to your home. As well, the downside about shopping online is variety ... there is usually a bigger variety in-store as opposed to online since most retailers do not post every single item in their store on their website. Also, shipping charges can become quiet expensive... however, most online retailers advise customers to buy more to decrease shipping charges. As great as that sounds, customers looking to save on shipping will end up spending more on their purchase then they anticipate... so it's a loose/loose situation. Another downside to online shopping, can be shipping times; depending on where you live in the world shipping can be anywhere from next day shipping to weeks away. If you are like me then you want your purchases ASAP! I have ordered quite a bit from US retailers where shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks, which is understandable since the package is from the States and needs to go through Canadian customs before it reaches me.

Over all, online shopping is fun since you can virtually shop 24/7, 365 days of the year. Aside from the shipping costs and times, I enjoy shopping online and I do it alot mostly on my free time. I also like being able to see whats new before I go to the store...

I am an avid shopper either way, I literally shop till I drop!

Happy shopping :)

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