August 9, 2011

Scents & Sensibility

L-R : Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden, Signature by Victoria Beckham, Shi by Alfred Sung, L Lamb by Gwen Stefani, With Love by Hilary Duff, Very Hollywood by Michael Kors   

I am quite the perfume collector and I love to have different scents for different occasions, here are the most recently purchased scents. My favourites are definitely Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden, Signature by Victoria Beckham and Shi by Alfred Sung.

My first perfume was Baby Phat Goddess by Kimora Lee Simmons, a fruity, girly scent perfect for teenage girls. However, my taste has since changed, (I still have Goddess by the way) and as I have grown, I have purchased more sensible scents for my age. I love how there are some scents that you can wear in the day and some for night.

In my opinion, the scent you wear can reflect your mood and/or your personality. How you smell speaks volumes to the people around you... I absolutely love how a strong sweet scent such as Signature by Victoria Beckham can reflect your confidence and your attitude!

Let me know below, what your favourite scent is!


  1. Jay: I guess I'll have to get me some Ed Hardy perfume! Thanks for the suggestion! x

  2. Wow! u are quite a perfume collector! I love provocative woman by Elizabeth Arden:):)

    Thank you so much for ur sweet comment! I'm flattered and it just made my day!!

  3. Jahn 'n Style: I have more! LOL. I would like to try the one you have suggested!

    Glad I could make you smile! xo


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