May 5, 2011

Advice please: I need a new lippie!
I need YOUR advice! I'm looking for a new lip colour (from any brand) and would like your opinion! I'm tired of the ones I have which are dark and safe (I don't experiment much), I have medium skin not too fair and not too dark. I would love to get some suggestions on your fave lippie's! I would like to try something new!

Please leave me a comment below, I would really appreciate it!
List as many as you like, in any shade, drugstore or branded, I'm open for anything!



  1. I would suggest that if you want to try out new shades then do not go for expensive brands like MAC, etc. But instead you can try NYX & Maybelline...they are cheap and fairly good quality...and about the shades, Hot Pink by NYX and Coral Crush by Maybelline...these colors are very hot in this season...hope I helped :))))

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  2. Mac - Hug Me or Shy Girl

  3. What can I say? I am not much of a lippie person, not found anything that suits me. I have some as gifts, but the only one I have ever bought is Viva Glam Cyndi by MAC because I love Cyndi Lauper. I didn't care about the shade when I bought. It. It is a nice wearable red for darker skintones like mine, bright but not gaudy. I'm sorry I can't advise more, this is all I know. You should look up the reviews & swatches & check whether you think it would suit your makeup style. :)
    I hope you find the perfect lippie!! <3

  4. I am HUGE nude person when it comes to lippies. So I'd say try MAC blankety and Rimmel's Moisture Renew in "Nude Delight". MAC Viva glam gaga would be a great choice too.

    But I really think you should go for a color that pops on your skin tone :D

  5. Nyx has some amazing shades too like Pumpkin pie, Tea Rose, Thalia and Fig <3.

  6. ok let me be frank and tell u one thing. I HATE mac lippies(their lipglosses are great).They always dry out my lips and I always spend my money for nothing!!! when I search for a lipstick it will always be maybelline colorsensational, they are creamy and pigmented and easy to apply and budget friendly. My fav colors are yummy plummy, mauvelous, tinted taupe and crazy for cofee(I do have other shades from the same brand but I aways reach for these babies) and another one would be revlon colorbust lippies.My fav shade from that is "chocolate" all the other shades that I own from that are really dark shades. But they are also amazing lippies(but cost a bit more) and some loreal lippies also work fine for some. but maybelline colorsensational and revlon colorburst are my favs :)

  7. Hi lovebug :)
    Loving the new header! :)

    Okay, here are my top picks!

    Pinks - MAC Angel or Creme Cup. Pretty much the same colour but with diff finishes.

    Brights - MAC Impassioned is LOVE! A pretty watermelon pink!
    Pink Nouveau is bright, barbie pink.

    Nudes/Browns - Love MAC Cherish lipstick, its a brown pink which is a total my lips but better shade!
    MAC Freckletone is also really lovely. Its a glossy (almost nude) brown, which goes with any look!

    Peach/Corals/Orange - MAC Shy girl - LOVE!
    Gotta Dash Sheen Supreme is pretty, also a brighter coral/orange would be Vegas Volt. All love!

    Red - Not so big on red lippies but I have Viva Glam Cyndi which a nice everyday wearable light red. Have been wearing it everyday actually :)

    Sorry that they all are MAC... I just love the colour selection and am very happy with the lipsticks I own from them in general.

    I also LOVE L.A. Girl lipstick in Forbidden Love which such a gorgeous glossy nude pinky colour.
    It even looks great layered over other pink lipsticks. Has a slight fruity smell which I'm not sure how you feel about?

    I have read some great reviews on the new SLEEK True Colour lipsticks, but am not sure if it's sold by you?
    I'm loving the Sleek pout polish... Been wearing electro peach over viva glam cyndi and its so pretty!

    Those are my fave's... Hope I could help :)


  8. Whoops, didn't proof read and now I can't see it!
    Hope I didn't make any huge spelling errors :)


  9. I would suggest you to try some cheap lipstick, don't go for higher brands just to try out a color. Nowadays, dark colors are really in style. Dark bright colors like hot pink and corals. But, if they don't suits you, stay with the neutrals and colors like pinks and corals mixed with a nude. If you will ask me good brands, I will suggest you NYX round lipsticks, they are cheap and good quality. Maybelline, Rimmel and L'Oreal. If you are in Pakistan, do check Diana of London.

  10. Oh! And, I just read you are from Canada :) You will get amazing lipstick shades and amazing brands. Definately check out NYX round lipsticks. :) Apart from that, Rimmel, Maybelline and L'Oreal for sure. They are good in quality and super moisturizing :) I hope it helped you :)

  11. heyy i really like mac lip products because they are the only ones i can count on for true matte colours as matte is my favourite. the best one that i like is faux its like a plum colour, but you wanna see what is good for your skin tone and what matches you and what texture you like etc xx

  12. try Maybelline #235 ... it's very light and summery ...

  13. To start off try maybelline colo9r sensational lipsticks- my mahogany,tinted taupe, blushing brunette...
    otherwise go for MAC lippies- Cosmo is an all time fav..for a nude Hug Me is hgreat and for a coral See sheer is nice

  14. maybelline colorsensational in my mahagony is my fav..others gud in that are warm me up,totally toffee and crazy for coffee..
    revlon colorburst in peach,blush,soft rose n rosy nude r also gud..
    NYX tea rose,heather,lala,indian pink..
    In high end..MAC Cosmo,Patisserie and creme in ur coffee..

  15. Some of my favourite brands in lip sticks have to be MAC, NARS, YSL, NYX & OCC!

    My favourites are pinks so Angel (MAC), Opera Rose (YSL), Viva Glam Gaga (MAC), Pout (Avon) - my list is pretty endless!

    However, recently I've been loving coral and got 'Vegas Volt' which is a gorgeous coral!

    My best bet would be to go to somewhere like MAC/Benefit/YSL and get a make-up artist to try out some colours on you - swatching on your hand sometimes doesn't do a lipstick justice! :)

    I hope that helps xx

  16. Oh also, you might like 'up the amp' by MAC! x

  17. Try Jubilee by MAC! Maybelline has a huge variety, so make sure to try 'Pearly Pink' by them. I think it'll look gorgeous on you!

  18. my fav lipstick is revlong colorburst in raspberry and elle 18 lipstick in pinked power..:) :)

  19. hey! if u are trying out new shades then I would suggest the Colorsensational range from Maybelline and the Round Lipstick range from NYX... Oh and if you are looking for super long staying lippies that are matte but still dont dry out your lips then u could go for Velvet matte lipsticks from Colorbar! :) these three are my current fav ranges in lipsticks :)


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