May 8, 2011

Jewel Junkie.






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[1.] I love these earrings! They are vintage inspired dangle earrings perfect for Spring! I got these beauties for a steal at $2.99 . You should have seen how hard this lady was eye-ing these earrings while they were in my hands ... she left her place in line to get herself a pair. Lucky for me, they were the last pair! I'd like your advice on how to style these earrings with an outfit. Leave me your suggestions in the comment section! Much appreciated!

[2.] That is a one rock solid ring, let me tell you! I won this custom ring from the Valentine's Day giveaway hosted on  by f. is for Frank  back in February. I've been meaning to post about it since then, and that didn't happen! [oops.]  This is hands down the most unique piece of jewellry I own; and although it's too big for my fingers, I still love it!

[3.] & [4.] Those who follow my personal blog know that a couple of weeks ago I had gone on a mini vacation to another province, Nova Scotia. These jewels (shown above) have become memorable (and wearable!) souvenirs from that trip... I was aimlessly wondering around Downtown Halifax when I came across The Black Market. My jaw dropped as I walked in.. it was as if someone had literally taken all the handicrafts and jewellry from India but shoved it into this teeny tiny little shop. It was unbelivable! I didn't get much from the shop just a few interesting pieces. The first, is a silver wrap bracelet which is typically worn in the region of Rajasthan, India (if I'm not mistaken) and the second, a silver choker style  necklace also from Rajasthan. The Black Market has reasonably priced items which is great, I got these trinkets for a bargain. I know they may not be your everyday jewels but I love 'em!

[5.] Another bracelet! This one if from a cute boutique, Pink Mascara in Spring Garden Mall, Halifax (Nova Scotia). I am debating on how I would style this bracelet.. I'm thinking of pairing it with other bracelets for a laid back and effortless look. Your thoughts? 

[6.] I wasn't going to include this silly purchase in this post but then I thought .. why not! The story behind purchasing this clock: I fell in love with London in 2010 and left my heart behind... This clock reminds me of all the fond memories that took place in London/UK - memories I can never forget! The funny thing is, I found this clock among the other souvenirs at Murphy's Gift Shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia! Kind of odd, don't you think? Maybe it's a sign! 

Kind of a pointless post, but hope you enjoyed it anyway! x

>> Edit: A BIG THANK YOU to all the lovelies who commented on this post, I really appreciated everyone's suggestions and took them all into consideration. I got tons of informative responses and I honestly appreciate each and everyone of you! Thanks! xx


  1. :) I pretty much have seen every thing, soon after you got them, I did like every thing from your ear rings to the clock.

    The clock has a lot of unforgettable memories. ;)


  2. Thanks Soh! I couldn't agree more! x

  3. Really cool pieces! I'm a jewelry junkie also, lol..(following now, i hope you can follow back also!..
    Thank youuu!


  4. Thanks for stopping by and following! x


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