March 1, 2011

Will Be Back Soon.

.... You get the picture.
I've neglected this blog. I know. I've hardly been on my laptop this last little while for numerous reasons; I've been eaten alive by a giant monster (aka swamped with Midterms) and my job. I haven't been keeping up with everybody's blogs (sorry), deactivated my facebook (for good reason) and as you can see, I am not so into the online world at the moment. I will be back soon, with new posts soon enough. Sorry for being a hermit (under a rock). I also wanted to mention that if you had any special requests for me (posts you'd like to see, etc), feel free to contact me and let me know. Thanks for all your support!  x

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- p.s. would anyone be interested in a giveaway?


  1. Are mid-terms tests/exams??
    If it is, Good luck and hurry back already! :)

    (just kidding honey, take your time)

  2. Hey Honey! I know how it feels to be swamped... take care, recharge your batteries & be back! :)
    PS- Everybody loves a giveaway! I am having one on right now & if you have the time please do enter! :)

  3. > Laiqah: Yes, they are exams! *SIGHS* LOL! You are such a cutie! x

    > Magali: Hi girly! I just read your post.. seems like you are swamped as well! Thanks doll! I entered your giveaway! x


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