March 13, 2011

30 Day Challenge - ON HOLD.

Hi lovelies.

You may have noticed that I am quite behind on my posts for The 30 Day Challenge; I apologize. This was a way for me to blog regularily but it didn't happen.... Once again, I got caught up in the rath of school work and my job. I had decided to get back into the challenge this past friday since I was off school in the late afternoon and I wasn't scheduled to work either... & then came the Japan tragedy.

> I just couldn't fathom doing blog posts on fruitful things when there are people on the the other side of world who have lost EVERYTHING including their loved ones.... Does it make sense? These people are in devastation and I'm sitting here blogging about the the $1000 bag that I want to have. It just didn't feel right.

This really got me thinking that material things mean nothing in the end. This is the truth.

& so, I've decided to lay off for a while. Friday, my mum and I went to the mall and I didn't purchase a thing. I didn't feel like it. & top of that I have so much already, that I don't even use, why do I need more?! I didn't do much to help with the tragedy, but this was my way of coping, I guess. It was my 'moment of silence' for Japan. This was the least I could do. There are thousands upon thousands of lost people and I'm worried that my foundation doesn't give me good coverage? Really?!?!?

Save The Children is very dear to my heart, and this was another small way for me to help the children in Japan...

> Sorry for the ramble, but I've just decided to put my posts for the 30 Day Challenge on hold for now. Sorry to those who were looking forward to the posts. I just feel like it needs to be done.

We live in such a small world, and one day tragedy could happen to any of us... Just think about what really matters; your Louis Vuitton bag or someones life?           x


  1. A very powerful and inspiring post Saf!
    The images and footage of Japan's disaster is so painful and sad to see.
    Breaks my heart to think of what those people are going through!

    I am grateful for what I have... And don't need anything else.

    I think we all need to be grateful and stop looking for happiness in material things.

    Great post love

  2. Beautiful post sis... so very true... I think exactly the same when I see all thats happening around the world and how there are millions out there who just want SOME FOOD .. while over here its the most ruthless things like a ''NEW PERFUME'' .. May Allah give us the strength to be modest and be thankful for all that we help and use our extra's for those in need

  3. >Lucky: I completely agree. We really do need to find happiness elsewhere, in things that REALLY matter. Thank you girly. ♥

    >Soso: Exactly! How can we be so selfish while others are in despair? Thank you for those kind words. Ameen.

    Thank you girls for understanding!


  4. This is a lovely, emotional post. I totally agree with you, though now I am feeling somewhat materialistic & shallow :(
    I totally understand why you're stopping, & wanted to let you know I'd love to see you continue when you feel ready.

  5. >Magali: I hope I didn't make you feel bad! Obv. this isn't for everyone, this is just something I felt like I had to do....
    You are such a sweetheart! Thank you love! x

  6. omg so true! i feel a little selfish now =/


  7. >Yaz: Awwww! Don't feel bad! My intention wasn't to make anyone one feel bad about themselves. Just think of others at a time of need :) x

  8. You are absolutely right that material things don't mean anything when it comes down to it. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

  9. >Susalie: Hi sugar! Thanks for understanding. x


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